Blue Ridge MusicBlue Ridge Music can cover all of you instrument repair and maintenance needs. From string changes to major repairs, qualified technicians one ready to serve you. Complete repair is offered for a variety of instruments, such as stringed instruments including electric guitars, woodwinds, horns and piano. Repairs for electronics and amplifiers are also offered.

  • General instrument repairs $60.00 per hour. ($20.00 minimum)
  • Amp./electronic repair $65.00 per hour ($35.00 minimum) with $35.00 non refundable deposit.
  • Instrument string replacement rates:
  • 6 string guitar    $20
  • 12 string guitar   $30
  • Classical Guitar   $30
  • Mandolin $20
  • Banjo $20
  • Fiddle $20
  • Electric Bass  $20Instrument Repairs
  • Dulcimer $20
  • Autoharp  $100
  • Cello  $30
  • Bass $30

String replacement includes removal of old strings, general cleaning, installation of new strings and tuning to standard.

Repair of all band instruments by our qualified staff.

Pads, reeds, and other accessories for you instruments in stock or can be ordered.

Tedious RepairsPayment for repairs and maintenance is required in full before repaired item or items can be released. Payment is expected for repairs within 30 days of completion notification or the repaired item or items will be sold.

Music is Fun!

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